Cupcake Recipes For Kids

Cupcake Recipes For Kids

Cupcake Recipes For Kids Tutorial. We will be showing you how to make this beautiful butterfly cupcake, perfect for a garden party, a kids’ party. You can make them by themselves or you can theme together with our very hungry caterpillar and our beautiful rose garden cupcakes to make a lovely assortment.

Tools and equipment that we will be using today: I have a licorice strap, so just a strap of licorice. I have some chocolate freckles or chocolate jewels, essentially just a chocolate button with some hundreds and thousands on top. I have a few different size M&Ms for this tutorial.

To be specific, I have 1 peanut M&M, 2 mini M&Ms and 4 normal-sized regular M&Ms. I have a little bit of melted chocolate. You don’t need much melted chocolate. It’ll just do a little bit of sticking for us. I have a standard pair of kitchen scissors. I have some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting which I’ve colored green. You can choose whichever color you like to compliment the theme of your party.

If you are having trouble with your buttercream frosting, we have a tutorial (Inaudible 01:31) great recipe and shows you how to achieve that perfectly pipeable consistency. I have a standard cupcake. I’ve gone with chocolate today. I have just a sandwich bag or a snack bag. That buttercream frosting I’ve pre-filled into a disposable piping bag and I’m using that in conjunction with this Loyal number 20 piping nozzle, quite a big round open head on that nozzle. So let’s get started. As I mentioned, I’ve pre-filled my piping bag. As always with our piping bags, make sure that you bring that icing all the way down ’til it’s coming out the end of your piping nozzle there because you don’t want to have a big air bubble explosion.

I’m just going to pipe our perfect low swirls starting in the center working my way out to the edge of the cupcake. If you are having trouble achieving that lovely low swirl, we have a whole tutorial dedicated just to that swirl which will definitely help you out. Alright, now for our butterfly, our peanut M&M is going to be our butterfly’s head so we want to position that up at the front of the butterfly, sort of sitting up a little bit so that it’s facing out.

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And then we want to take our normal-sized M&Ms. You can see I’ve got a little bit of a color scheme that I like to stick with but you can use any colors you like. I’m going to go red, orange, yellow, green, blue. I just like the way that looks together. That’s the body. And then I’m going to take the 2 mini M&Ms just so that body tapers off into a nice little tail. There we go. Alright, now for the wings of our butterfly, we’re going to take 2 of our chocolate freckles and I’m just going to pop them quite far forward up around the head standing up. You see that buttercream frosting, that lovely consistency just holds them nice and firm.

For the back wings, because they are a little bit smaller, we’ll take another freckle and I’m just going to snap it in half. I’m going to take those ones and I’m just going to slide them in towards the back. Now for our little antennae, we are going to take just a tiny tiny bit of this licorice strap and my kitchen scissors. You’re really only just using the smallest amount so if you’ve got children, husbands, animals, they’ll be lucky to get your leftover licorice. I’m just going to take…I’ve cut about that much. I’m going to cut that in half again.

Lovely! So you’ve just got 2 nice little fine antennas there. Just stick those antennas on. I’m going to dip them in a little bit of chocolate. This is possibly the most painstaking part of this tutorial. So we’re going to dip them in a little bit of a chocolate. And I’m just going to hold it on that mini M&M. I’m going to support that there with my fingers just until that chocolate dries. That’s going to take about 10 seconds. You do need to support it until the chocolate dries or else it will fall.

There we go. So our other one… There we go. Like I said, it’s a bit painstaking if you’ve got slightly shaky fingers. Beautiful! Now finally, I’m just going to do a little face on our butterfly. I’m going to take that sandwich bag. Just pop a little bit of that chocolate in there. Just the bag… Just scoop it out. We don’t need very much. We’re just going to push that all the way down to one of the corners. And then I’m going to cut just the tiniest little bit of the corner of the bag. See there? Just the smallest little corner so we can do a bit of detail work. Pick up our beautiful butterfly and then I’m just going to clean the edge of that so you’re starting with a nice fresh edge. One eye, one eye, and a cute little smile. If you find that your chocolate is setting at the end of that, just give it a quick wipe off with your fingers.

And there’s your little smile. So there we have our beautiful butterfly cupcake without really any tools or equipment, apart from our piping bag and a nozzle, just a few candies. Sure to impress.

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