Kellie Pickler Makes The Emotional Decision To Shave Her Head To Support Sick Friend

It’s always wonderful to see celebrities show their human sides and use their fame to inspire others. For famous country singer Kellie Pickler, a woman named Summer Holt is more than her friend she is her soul mate. Pickler describes the day she learned Summer had breast cancer as one of the hardest days of […]

$5,000,000 Due In Medical Bills After Shooting, But Hospital Erases Financial Nightmare

While the tragedy that occurred in Orlando earlier this summer can never be undone, it’s always helpful to somehow find the light that can somehow come from such unforgivable darkness. The victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting were all innocent when a lone gunman marched in and opened fire. In what is now America’s biggest […]

This 260-Year-Old Recipe For Apple Turnovers Proves You Cant Beat The Classics

You know the phrase that goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” That applies to recipes as well. If a recipe is good, why try to change it? It’s because of that fact that it’s not all that surprising that the recipe for apple turnovers isn’t very different these days. On an episode of […]

Man Body-Shames 3 Olympic Gymnasts Abs In This Bikini Shot Then A Woman Shuts Him Down

It can sometimes feel as though were constantly being inundated with new body-shaming stories, but I suspect something else is going on and its truly a wonderful change to see happening. Were actually talking about the issue of womens bodies. More than ever before, women and girls are publicly reaching out to support one another […]

Mom Spots 24 Seamen Standing Totally Still In Her 90-Year-Old Neighbors Driveway

Ernest Thompson served on the USS Missouri during the Second World War. And in the years afterward, he got married, had a family, and now spends his days in comfortable peace. But over the years, he always liked to think back to his days at sea, so he would often visit the local USS Iowa […]

2-Year-Old Was Famous For Smoking 40 Cigarettes A Day. 6 Years Later, He Looks So Different

In 2010, the world was shocked when a 2-year-old boy from Indonesia went viral for being addicted to smoking cigarettes. A video of the chain-smoking boy, named Ardi Rizal, was posted to the internet. It showed him puffing on a cigarette and news spread that he smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day. At the […]

Painful Ulcerative Colitis Flare-Ups Can Be Soothed By Eating Ordinary Spinach

We all know that the food we put into our bodies affects our health, but for some people, the effects felt by certain foods can be immediate and unpleasant. If you have ulcerative colitis, then you known what we mean. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic and inflammatory disease of the bowel, which is characterized by […]

PTSD Leaves Veteran Unable To Go To The Store, Then His Service Dog Comes To The Rescue

A lot of veterans coming home fromthe war find that they can’t quite leave the battlefield behind them. Post traumatic stress disorder affects many soldiers and truly disrupts the way that they live their lives on a day-to-day basis. One way that some veterans are able to ease their minds when faced with the severe […]

Young Couple Restores Old Dairy Barn For Their Beautiful Country Wedding

On the rare occasions that I get to drive upstate, passing the many old abandoned barns always makes me wonder what it would be like to give one a good remodel. Mike and Alisha Mathalia must have had the same thoughts when they purchased an old dairy barn to be turned into a beautiful event […]

Vegetable And Egg Galettes: Turn Your Garden Favorites Into A Delicious Summer Dish

One of the advantages of having a backyard garden is getting to try out delicious new recipes using freshly picked vegetables. There are so many unique veggie recipes to choose from, from one-of-a-kind salads to these zucchini Parmesan crisps. And now, I’ve come across a recipe that can finally put to use those yummy peppers […]